La-La-La LANI! (xlostxrareity) wrote in bgs_and_banners,
La-La-La LANI!

Banner request please

Ok, I was hoping that someone could create a banner for me titled "Daughter of

It needs this image in the center:

And this image to the left of the first image:

And this image to the right of the first image:


And this image in there somewhere in there:

Slanted Vertically on the black, on the right side of image 1 please write the
word: Jade

Horizontally across the bottom of image 2, please write the word: Kye

Horizontally across the top of image 3, please write: Meryk

And somewhere on image 4, without blocking the face of the guy, please write:

Since I'm new to this whole thing, I don't know what size.

Text: Bellevue Bold

Colors: background color of banner--black, color of text: light grey

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