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banner request :)

hello all! just joined because i need a banner made for my community. it's pretty simple, and since i'll be posting the banner on the community's info page, i'll be sure to give credit to whoever takes up the task. :)

the size can stay the same, but i'd like the words

"If you feel like a fish out of water,
perhaps you should learn to fly..."

in a very elegant script font. i'm hoping white will work for the color, but if that doesn't contrast enough, use your best artistic judgment. the words should be toward the bottom, with the second line a little indented (so the word "perhaps" is underneath the word "like".) if there could be some sort of animation on the words, that would be great. i'm thinking maybe the words could dissolve onto the banner one line at a time? if not, that's cool.

then somewhere at the very bottom in a small font--not necessarily the script, cuz i know those get hard to read when they're small--put "join shimer_college_" (no animation on that.)

thanks! :D
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